About AgriBiotech

AgriBiotech e-Newsletter is an Open Access Multidisciplinary Monthly Online Magazine. It is covering various aspects of scientific research and
other various disciplines and allied  activities.  The Magazine cum e-Newsletter  was established to provide an open  access platform for budding researchers, academicians, scientists and associated readers to update themselves  with the scientific trends and activities  and also to share their
ideas  with latest  innovative topics.  The main  aim of AgriBiotech  e-Magazine is to  disseminate the  latest scientific information in the field  of
Agriculture, Horticulture and other allied science.  The Popular Articles (Technical) are  formatted with less scientific terminologies to reach the
general  masses.  The articles  submitted to the magazine  will be scrutinized  through  our  subject experts in the editorial board  and  would  be
published in 1-7 business days with all other formalities.  Knowledge sharing platforms  are never for business purpose.  The meager publication
fees  asked from  authors  is for  website  maintenance,  design cost and  other  miscellaneous  costs. Articles  from the  disciplines of  Agriculture,
Agricultural Biotechnology,  Horticulture,  Animal  &  Veterinary Sciences,  Food & Dairy Technology, Biotechnology,  Bioscience,  Genetics and
Breeding, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Agricultural Engineering, Hi-tech farming technologies, Botany, Zoology, Physiology, Fisheries, and Social Science, etc. are invited. Articles written in simple English language will only be accepted for publication.

Authors are requested to send their articles through
Email: agribiotechemagazine@gmail.com

Submission deadline for August issue

("Articles submitted after deadline will be considerd for next issue")